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A Wedding Story

I wanted to share a story with you that I love to tell. I was at Highland Hospital photographing newborns. During my shift there I had a mom of a bride to be call me who needed a photographer to photograph her daughter’s wedding. What time is the wedding? 3pm that day at the courthouse. It was about 1pm when she called. Against everything I believe in , I agreed to do it. I dropped everything at the hospital and ran over to their house. I was able to take a few photos of the bride getting ready then some of them walking from the house to the car. I met them at the courthouse and was able to get some family photos in before the ceremony and after. And of course the ceremony photos as well as some special moments after. The mom and the bride came later that week to my studio to view the photos. They were beyond happy! I think they were not expecting much since it was a last minute request, nothing planned. But mom said “it was blessing I called you that day”. What an honor to have mom say this! It feels so good to be able to capture these priceless moments for families. I use to say that I would never do weddings. But I find that not only do I enjoy them, I am pretty good at it too. The same thing that I love about photographing newborns at Highland, is the same that I love about photographing weddings. You get invited into a family’s special time, and get to creatively document it for them! I love the families I get to meet. It really is a heartwarming event for me. I love meeting them and making them happy in the end. I love what I do.

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