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With Lynette Studios, you will be met with a compassionate and professional photographer, that will make the photo shoot fun, comfortable and creative!

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my pages! As you take a look around you will eventually see what I am about and what makes me happy. I am a married mom of two. Boy and girl each. They are a little older and you will see I do use them a lot in my photography. I also have a dog, 3 cats a rabbit and a hamster. Riley is my black lab that is always at my side. He really loves posing for me for treats. It is a great job for him which gets him excited every time he comes to the studio. As you will see about me, I have an incredible love for animals! I live a vegan lifestyle as well as volunteer my professional photogarphy to local shelters, rescues and fosters. Photography is a passion of mine and so is helping animals. Throughout my website as well as my social media pages you will find a lot of this type of work.
For as long as I can remember I always enjoyed capturing images; using a camera as well as drawing. I always had a special talent of looking at a picture and copying it with different mediums. My favorite was painting pictures of animals with pastels. Just another way of “capturing” something I loved. I always have and still have a profound enjoyment of looking at photos as well. Especially fairly old ones. I can still recall awhile back as a child, my mother making the comment to another family member that I “study photographs for hours”. Little does she realize I am imagining myself at that particular place and at that particular time, speculating what it might have been like. I also enjoy looking at photos from other cultures. I find the variety of cultures this world has to be intriguing to say the least.
This is the wonder and beauty of photography. Especially now in the digital age which makes it so easy to share photos from all over the world in a split second. Now I get to share mine to the world. I love feedback and questions! I love talking “shop”! This could be why I love doing festivals. People who love art, who love photography, people who have questions and comments in general or about my work in particular stop by and talk. When I was an attendee of these festivals at school age, again with my mom, I never even imagined I would one day be the one showing my art and talent under a tent at one of these! I started out with the Park Ave Festival. Then I added the North Winton Village Festival of the Arts. Small but I really enjoy it so much. I then added Barks and Brews. A wonderful local event where vendors offer products and services for dogs! I am there for my pet portraits ofcourse, but also I like to kick off my annual promo! This is where 15% of pet portrait proceeds for the summer gets automatically donated to our local shelter at Verona st. You will find me at these same ones again but I am currently working on adding more festivals to the year. Hope to see you at one of them! I am always updating my social media pages of when and where so just look out there!
Through all of my adventures and jobs I do , I am always learning and growing. Learning about photography as well as learning about myself. One thing that I have learned is that not only do I have a really good talent for, but what I really love is to do event photography. Photojounalistic style. In the end a good group or selection of photos that tells a story of that event. So if you are looking for wedding photography I would be your go to girl! I only have one under my belt but I have other experience in photographing events and always with happy clients in the end. Some other events to document would be a family reunion, baby shower.
If you were to catch me somewhere in my day, you would find me working diligently at my studio with my dog Riley. Either getting ready for a shoot or just some back end business.. you may also find me on nature hikes with my dog Riley and camera in hand.. we call these our adventures. You will find a lot of my photos are from these adventures! Also for part of the week you will find me at our local hospital , Highland, photographing 1 day old newborns! What a great job this is! I get to meet so many families, babies, and siblings..and again all the different cultures! It’s really an incredible experience and so much fun! I might photo 7-9 babies in one day! Oh and twins too! The twins are really fun. Getting to see how they already have their very own personalities from each other is really interesting. I’ve seen newborns with teeth and newborns with extra fingers. We are all different when we are born. The biggest newborn I have photographed was 11 pounds and the smalles 4 pounds!
So enough of me rambling… but I really wanted you to know about me and who I am. And thanks again for stopping by! If you’ve gotten this far at least I didn’t bore you!
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Any questions at all about any of these I welcome!

Please ontact me for whatever your photography needs are! If you don’t see it here it doesn’t mean I won’t do it! Just ask! I also have a monthly newsletter that I send out that gives you a heads up on specials , sales and promos and tips! If you would like to sign up you can on my facebook page or just email me at or you can go right to my contact page and email me your request and I will add you!
Also if you see a photo you like and would like to purchase I may already have it matted and framed, or if not I will mat it for you. Also if you are looking for particular print and don’t see it here, just ask! I may have it just not posted anywhere or I would be willing to photo it personally just for you! Don’t assume anything, just ask.
Looking forward to meeting with you and working with you!

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