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Vegan S’mores!

I recently discovered that Trader Joe’s has their own brand of vegan marshmallows! Right away I set out to make my own S’mores! I already know where to find vegan chocolate…just to find the graham cracker that does NOT have…


I love these trees. They are so beautiful. I also had a dear friend and neighbor that passed away a couple years ago had one in his front yard. It is still there. I enjoy seeing it blossom every year…

Flowers- Iris’ #1

I love shooting in the spring. I love the flowers.  I love shooting Iris’ and tulips and Peonies.  My Peonies have not blossomed yet but they are close. And my tulip shoot did not work out for me this year. It…

Won’t you please help?

This is Marge, the kitty that is very scared at the shelter.. all wrapped up in her blanket hiding. I feel so bad for her. She is only 6 months old. I simply cannot take in another cat! I have…

Vegan Family Dinner #1

My whole family loves this! Vegan Meatball subs with vegan coleslaw! I love coleslaw and since becoming vegan missed it so much. I found this recipe online, and I have to say, it tastes so much better than most non-vegan coleslaw…

My Gear #2

My daughter gave this camera strap to me for my birthday. I love it! It claims to be fitted just for women. But what I like about it most is hit has a piece on it that makes it so…

My Gear #1

I would like to share with you some of the stuff I use that I absolutely love! This bag! Its one of the bags that I have. This bag is a back pack. It is perfect for nature shots. You…

Photo Contest

I entered a photo contest in Popular Photography magazine. We’ll see how that goes. It is for child photography. I started the month out with a voting session on my facebook page to help me decide which ones to submit….

Last Sunday I Volunteered

Last Sunday the photo team at Verona Street were down a few photographers so I stepped in to help. I ended up photographing 8 dogs and 6 cats! I took over 1000 photos that I had to go through and…

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