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Photo Contest

I entered a photo contest in Popular Photography magazine. We’ll see how that goes. It is for child photography. I started the month out with a voting session on my facebook page to help me decide which ones to submit….

Last Sunday I Volunteered

Last Sunday the photo team at Verona Street were down a few photographers so I stepped in to help. I ended up photographing 8 dogs and 6 cats! I took over 1000 photos that I had to go through and…

Results are Powerful!

I was up about 7 pounds at the beginning of the week. I had been enjoying the fruits of life a little too much lately! So in addition to starting this new Jillian program, I have been watching what I…

Digital Photography Badge-2

The next step in the photography badge was to do the editing….I showed them some things they could do in Lightroom and off they went! This one here was by my daughter.. I think she has a natural eye…

Digital Photography Badge!

I have the pleasure of being a co-leader for my daughter’s girl scout troop. I am also their photographer! Recently I also had the pleasure of teaching my daughter and another scout in the troop digital photography so that they…

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