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Cemetery and Some Fog

This shoot was really fun. My niece likes to get creatively creepy like I do so we made a day of it! If you have read my previous post you know that I tried my fog machine INSIDE and ended…

Gymnast Shoot

Sometimes I see something another photographer has done that I like to try and duplicate. Maybe not exactly but I guess it gives me inspiration to try something I saw that I liked. This was really fun because it involves…


I love these trees. They are so beautiful. I also had a dear friend and neighbor that passed away a couple years ago had one in his front yard. It is still there. I enjoy seeing it blossom every year…

Flowers- Iris’ #1

I love shooting in the spring. I love the flowers.  I love shooting Iris’ and tulips and Peonies.  My Peonies have not blossomed yet but they are close. And my tulip shoot did not work out for me this year. It…


Sometimes I go out with my camera with an idea in mind, but something else becomes the theme of my photos… this day at Durand Eastman Park turned out to be mushrooms!

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