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Giving Back

Foster Pups Shoot

So once again, my friends from the Pup Stops here recruited my services. Some foster dogs needed some updated photos for their portfolio to help them get adopted. This was a great opportunity to do a Vday shoot with them!…

The Puppy Arrival

So my friends from The Pup Stops Here were taking in a momma and her litter of 10 puppies for a few days! Yep you read that correctly! 10 puppies! They actually arrived in an ambulance! They held a puppy…


I photo’d some cats and dogs last week. This one was really sweet. It is so hard to see them homeless and not adopt. I just keep telling myself that what I am doing is helping a great deal and…

The Pup Stops Here

I have a colleague that opened up her own dog and cat daycare and boarding facility called The Pup Stops Here!  This Saturday, Oct 29th I will be joining other photographers in doing a portrait charity event there. We will be doing…

Won’t you please help?

This is Marge, the kitty that is very scared at the shelter.. all wrapped up in her blanket hiding. I feel so bad for her. She is only 6 months old. I simply cannot take in another cat! I have…

Last Sunday I Volunteered

Last Sunday the photo team at Verona Street were down a few photographers so I stepped in to help. I ended up photographing 8 dogs and 6 cats! I took over 1000 photos that I had to go through and…

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