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Vegan Stuff

Cauliflower Rice

So since starting to watch my carbs I have learned a few things and I am also learning more along with way. Finding a vegan low carb main dish may be easy, but trying to come up with a side…

Vegan S’mores!

I recently discovered that Trader Joe’s has their own brand of vegan marshmallows! Right away I set out to make my own S’mores! I already know where to find vegan chocolate…just to find the graham cracker that does NOT have…

Vegan Family Dinner #1

My whole family loves this! Vegan Meatball subs with vegan coleslaw! I love coleslaw and since becoming vegan missed it so much. I found this recipe online, and I have to say, it tastes so much better than most non-vegan coleslaw…

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