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Causing trouble in the Studio!!

Hey there, just wanted to share my latest story in hopes that you will find as much humor that myself and my niece did on this memorable day…

I was spending time in my studio with my niece, Arika. She is a student at a local modeling agency and wanted to practice some posing . We are both creative and had a great time spending time in the studio together. She did a few of her poses and then we shared some creative studio ideas with some dramatic lighting. I had ordered some color gels to create color lighting effects and those arrived some time ago. But most recently I had ordered a fog machine with some ideas of using my colored gels to light up this fog. The UPS guy had delivered it to a local UPS drop off location. We went to pick up the fog machine from this location several times as we were told by the attendant that it was not even there. I believe the attendant to be under the influence of some cannibis and wasn’t really giving me the full story. In going back to the studio, we luckily ran into the UPS guy who said he in fact did leave it at this UPS drop off  location. SO .. on our 3rd attempt we went and picked up the package that carried the fog machine and brought it back to the studio with curiosity and anxious excitement! We get it out of the box that was also full of some other lighting tools I had ordered.  I had not, however, ordered any fog liquid to put in the machine. So we read the instructions to see what kind we needed and then proceeded to the nearest Party City for the fog juice. 30 minutes and $20 later, we are back and can’t wait to fill it and get it foggin’! With a few pumps of the button we are in business! But it’s not really pumping in the right spot. So with creative juices flowing I am maneuvering, pumping, shooting, chimping.. ( a term used when you shoot, look at your photo on the back of the camera, and then repeat…) trying to achieve my creative vision… meanwhile the studio is filling up with fog… then… BEEP.. BEEP… BEEP… the smoke alarm for the entire building is going off! In a panic, I am going out to the hall to try and figure out how to stop the fire trucks from actually arriving… the attorney down the hall is looking at all the fog in the air and asking “what happened? What is going on?” .. “Don’t worry ” I say, “just my fog machine!” Upstairs I can hear people scrambling… my helpful neighbors are calling the landlord to make sure the fire trucks aren’t going to show.. and let everyone know who is piling out of the building that it is a false alarm! OMG> Arika and I are opening windows and putting fans in the windows in the hopes the alarm will stop… So eventually it did stop. No trucks thankfully.. but now I have this fog machine that I am dying to use in studio.. I need to be able to get enough fog (apparently smoke) to get creative but without the alarms going off.. So here is the photo that I was actually able to get; not a complete work of are that I was going for as the alarm forced me to stop building my lights.. but the blue looks really cool and  you can sort of see some fog.. and my niece, well…is beautiful…. and we have this great funny story to remember and share…

<3 Lynette

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