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Cemetery and Some Fog

This shoot was really fun. My niece likes to get creatively creepy like I do so we made a day of it! If you have read my previous post you know that I tried my fog machine INSIDE and ended up causing a whole lot of trouble (with my other niece that is also very creative)! So.. I have been dying to take this machine to the cemetery to create some spooky images. I had to purchase a special converter that enabled the amount of wattage my fog machine took for me to take it on location.  I ended up having to attach it to my van battery to get enough juice. But once we did it worked awesome! We did get some crazy cool images. She (my niece) loves to do her own wounds using make up and loves posing! And as you can see she is natural; doesn’t require much direction if any.  So she got all dressed up how she wanted and we went to our local historical cemetery. Very old, very creepy and oh so cool! We spent the entire day doing some poses. Here is one that I really liked. You can check out more of these in my portfolio as well as my Instagram and Facebook pages. Enjoy! And if you would like to get creative with me just ask!

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