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General Questions Answered

What should I wear?

Clothing and fashion can date a photo. If you want your photographs to be timeless, stick to more classic styles. An example of that never goes out of style is denim.

Bottoms: The easiest place to start and the area that should not be the focus of your portrait. This is the place for neutral tones: dark denim,gray, khaki, brown or black is best.

Tops: For family/group portraits, focus on a general tone for everyone. Choose a color and then feel free to mix up different shades and textures within that color. Stick to the same color family. This way not just one individual stands out because their color is totally different. Also steer clear of patterns that distract your eye. Shoot for solids. You don’t want a pattern to dominate the photo.

Do not be afraid to let everyone show their own style! So refrain from going out and buying everyone the same color and style shirt.

Accessorize: This is a great lace to add an addition of color as well as continue giving each individual their own personality and style. Some examples: scarves, jewelry, belts, ties, under shirts.

Shoes and Socks: For shoes try to keep the same tone for everyone. White socks never look white in a photo they always look dingy. Or just go barefoot!

Last: Some like to consider where in the home the portrait will hang, and try to match the clothing with the decor of the room.

Babies and Children: Limit clothing changes, as babies tire easy and although I have some tricks up my sleeve, a fussy baby does not make a good photo.

No stiff clothing, keep it simple.

No Socks or shoes! Baby feet look best bare! Everyone loves baby feet and toes!

No Cartoon characters. It takes attention away from the child. Again, denim works here too.

Watch those fingernails! Clipped and clean! Also make sure girls don’t have chipped polish.

Ask yourself: What makes my child happiest? Smile and laugh? I have plenty of props, but if your child has something that will make them more comfortable in front of the camera, don’t be afraid to include it! It may also be a toy that is memorable and you would want to capture that. (special teddy, blanket)

I have specific poses in mind

Sure! Let’s get creative!

Can I bring a friend?

It all depends on your level of comfort in front of this friend. If you think this friend will help you relax in front of the camera than absolutely!

What if it rains?

Sometimes a rainy day can add to the creativity of a session, all the while telling the story of the day!


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