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High School Senior Portraits Got you Scratchin’ your Head?

Hi! I would very much like to help make this process smooth, easy, stress free and most of all creative and fun for you and your student! I have some pointers and helpful tips to help guide you and give you some things to think about and consider. And as always I am more then happy to answer any questions, whether it’s about my process or in general! Also it can be pricey, so I want to make sure you are knowledgeable in the process and you are sure of what you are spending your money on. We all want to get our money’s worth! Please consider the following:

First of all, it is never too early to start thinking about what your student wants to do- style, composition,does he/she play sports, what are they going to wear, do they prefer studio or on location? What’s the budget? What type of products will you need to display your photos, how many people (friends, family) will you be sharing these with? Also , VERY important to find out first, is what is the students’ high school deadline for the yearbook photo? You will want to make sure you get your photo shoot done in time so that the photographer can get this to them in time. Also very important, what photographer is going to best suit your needs and be able to satisfy all of the above? Don’t be afraid to shop around and interview a few. This is a huge milestone in the student’s life and you want it documented well! I cannot wait to do my son’s. We don’t have many to share with. He may need something to share with his friends, but for me, I am going to create a 6×6 photo album to cherish forever! He may even want his own album or way to cherish the photos himself.
When shopping for your photographer, first check out their website. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gotten a client in my studio for a consultation and they haven’t even looked at my website yet! You definitely want to first of all see if their style is even what you are looking for or if you even like their work.  It is also never too early to go ahead and setup some consultations with your selected photographers. Just make sure you ask if the consult is free (mine are) so you aren’t hit with an unexpected fee. It should only take a few minutes of your time and will be well worth it in the end, for your pocket book, your sanity and how happy you will be with the process and in the end products! Some questions to ask:

If you choose to do an on location shoot, you may want to ask the photographer how far they are willing to travel and what their rates are for travel. – I haven’t had to worry about this too much as I have very beautiful shooting locations that are close by my studio.

Also you may want to know how much time they are willing to provide, how much their hourly rate is, is their time included in the package and how much time for outfit changes, ect. – (whatever time you hire me for is how much time you have for your outfit changes. I don’t give you outfit change limit. The time you paid for is yours. All my packages include one hour shoot time, with option of adding on hours. )

What is included in their hourly rate? Are they going to charge you extra for additional poses? ( I don’t. I shoot you for the time paid for- and you get to mix and match poses and print sizes. I set aside a time at my studio for photo review and pose/print / product selection. Free of charge.)

If you need some inspiration, you can check out some of my examples on my site in my portfolio section under High School.

You can also get an idea on some prices on my website under the services menu item. I have 3 packages.
For the package contents, please contact me. ( Some are kind of lengthy) You can email, phone call, text, Facebook message, whatever you feel! (585) 360-9728. (I am considering putting my package components on my services page although it may seem lengthy. Undecided tho. As I really like to get to know my clients needs before we even discuss packages because my services don’t necessarily end with set packages. So I’d hate to turn anyone away without even speaking with them first! You’ll find I’m a pretty flexible person.)

Please, comments and questions are always welcome!



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