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Last Sunday I Volunteered

Last Sunday the photo team at Verona Street were down a few photographers so I stepped in to help. I ended up photographing 8 dogs and 6 cats! I took over 1000 photos that I had to go through and ultimately choose at least 3 for each animal and then edit and then resize. Ofcourse I usually cannot settle on 3… so I ended up working until after 8pm. I volunteered at 11 am! A full rewarding day. The dogs were a challenge that day.. they didn’t seem to want to look at me. But in the end, I feel I got some really great shots! It was hard to choose a photo to highlight here, but this one was the cutest and the most difficult to get! If you would like to see more from that day, dogs and cats.. just check out my Lynette Studios Facebook page!

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