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Photography Tip #3- Composition

Hello there aspiring photographers! Today I would like to talk about composition.

Composition is the subject matter as well as how you present it in your photograph. There are rules to follow and also breaking the rules is ok too. But one thing to pay attention to is the placement of your subjects. Have you ever taken a picture of a person and notice that the tree they are standing in front of looks like its coming out of their head?

Make sure before you hit that shutter button you are looking around your subject for things like this. Is their hair sticking up? Is their collar bent? Another thing to keep in mind that just putting subjects in the middle of your photograph is generally boring. It’s more interesting to place them off to the side or lower corner. There are a couple of rules: There is the proportion rule : imagine a seashell with that oh so common swirl. Then there is the Triangle Rule. Imagine your viewfinder cut in half from corner to corner to make 2 triangles. Now imagine the bottom left triangle split in half. Now put your subject in the center of that line. Confused yet? lol. Then there is the rule of thirds. Imagine your view finder cut into thirds vertically and horizontally. You can place your subject on any one of the lines. You can do a google image search on these rules so you can get a visual.

Another tip on getting good composition is don’t be afraid to break these rules. But try them first at least! Also, try different perspectives. Don’t be afraid to get down on the ground. Look up at something upside down. You never know just what you may capture!!! Don’t be afraid to get dirty!!!

And yet another thing to look for are natural frames. For example, putting someone in between 2 trees and using the tree trunks and their branches of leaves as a natural frame to your subjects is really nice. I have uploaded a photo of my son’s fall photo. Here you can see where the tree he is standing next to frames him nicely with the trees in the background. Subtle but it works!

As always, let me know if you have any questions!!!


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