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Photography Tip #7- Photo Editing Software

Rochester Photography TipsHello there fellow photography enthusiasts!

Today the topic is photo editing software. This is where you get to be even more creative with your photos,and do some corrections as well. There is too much information to go into any kind of lesson on these. I would suggest doing research on some and finding out which ones you would like to work with , then going out and purchasing one or two. Personally I use Photoshop (you will want this for sure) and I also like to use Lightroom. Lightroom has quick and easy adjustments right along the side, while Photoshop can do more deeper editing. You should be able to find classes on these. Lightroom also has a 30 day trial. So download that and try it out! You Tube is an excellent resource on how to use these. You can look up how to do anything and you should find it. Another great point is, since Lightroom and Photoshop are both Adobe, they communicate with each other. So if you are in Lightroom editing, but would like to open up the same photo in Photoshop from Lightroom ,you can. And any changes you make in Photoshop to that photo, is also changed in the photo in Lightroom!

So since this is short and sweet, I am going to sign off on an assignment. And that is to do the research on photo editing software, and download Lightroom and use it. Look up some You Tube tutorials. See if someone is giving a class on Photoshop and take it. I highly recommend a class on this. It is also is very expensive. So see if someone you know has this software and see if you can use it while you save for your own.

Download your free trial for Lightroom here.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!!


P.S.> Adobe has now made their software in a cloud and you have to pay a monthly fee. This is for their latest software. If you don’t like this idea (which I don’t. It’s pretty presumptuous of them to think you will be using them always and have to keep your stuff in a cloud. No thank you.) I suggest finding an older version. There isn’t much difference. I use Photoshop v 12.1 and Lightroom v 3.4.

Happy editing!!

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