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Tempeh Braised with Port Wine and Figs

This vegan dinner is cooked in the crockpot, or slow cooker as some may call it. There is little prep the night before so there is very little as possible to do in the am. This looks like a beef stew, but tastes sweet. I put it over my yummy healthy vegan mashed potatoes and have a side of olive oil and sea salted asparagus. My potatoes are healthy because I don’t add any fat to them and I steam them instead of boil. For  extra added nutrients, steam them with the skin on! I cut up the potatoes really small so they soften quicker. Put them in a steamer basket, and mix the potato chunks with minced garlic and a little olive oil. Ok so there is a little fat, but no butter and milk! Once softened, I put into a bowl and smash with potato masher. My son likes chunks so I leave some. But then instead of butter and milk, I add vegetable broth and mix with hand mixer until desired consistency.  I have been making these mashed potatoes this way for a few years now… since before becoming vegan…as my family prefers them this way! They are more flavorful. I found this recipe as I was looking for a healthier alternative. As for the asparagus, just brush with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt and put in the oven low for a few minutes. My daughter who is afraid of eating anything green loves these!! If you would like the recipe to the Tempeh dish, look here:

The Vegan Slow Cooker

I also make some delicious breakfast dishes with this cookbook! Just imagine, putting the cooker on over night and waking up to breakfast all ready made! Vegan too! It’s easy and yummy!!

As always, comments and suggestions welcome! Let me know if you try this dish!

<3 Lynette

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