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Today’s Volunteer Experience

Today I helped out at the shelter. No volunteer was available to take photos. So glad I was able to help. I usually have a favorite photo/pet of the day. This one was by far my favorite. He was just a puppy. Very shy but oh so lovey once he warmed up to you.. which really didn’t take long 🙂 There was also a kitty there that was so scared she was curled up in a blanket so much so that you couldn’t see her. I could only get her to poke her head out once I opened the door, so I could get her photo. I didn’t want to bother her much more than that. She was growling, but I am sure it’s not who she normally is. She just doesn’t know what is happening to her. She needs a home fast. Her name at the shelter is Marge. She is black. That is the other sad part. Black cats are the least likely to get adopted. So silly really. I have a black cat and she is the greatest! Her name is Melody and she is the boss of the other 2 boys  in the house. She also is a shelter cat. I got her as a baby. She watches me do my workouts! She is definitely the supervisor of the house!

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