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Vegan Family Dinner #1

My whole family loves this! Vegan Meatball subs with vegan coleslaw! I love coleslaw and since becoming vegan missed it so much. I found this recipe online, and I have to say, it tastes so much better than most non-vegan coleslaw that I’ve had! I have had many kinds from many different places and only a few pass the best coleslaw taste test.. and boy this one is the best of all by far! AND its VEGAN! So yummy!

The meatballs are very tasty. They do not taste like meat. (thankfully). I tell people that are new to the vegan experience.. you cannot go into tasting a vegan meat thinking meat.. just think, hey this is a food… I am going  to try it! Have you ever picked up drink, say orange juice and thought it was say.. chocolate  milk.. you expected chocolate milk and tasted oj.. and it was like the nastiest thing you’ve ever tasted? But you like oj, right? That’s kinda the same idea! So go into these things with an open mind! These are so good my carnivorous hubby eats them up gladly! My picky 10 year old daughter munches them down! They are made of tasty ingredients like fresh basil, white beans…fresh parsley, quinoa… then you can put on a bun, slather in your favorite red sauce.. and have a side of the most delicious coleslaw (that happens to be vegan) ever! Please Email me for any of these recipes!!



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